Products and Services

We produce paper tubes for textiles, tissue and plastic packages. They are offered in several sizes. We also produce Open-End tubes for cotton yarn spinning machines and DTY tubes, for synthetic fibers or mixed.
Besides, we produce paper cones in the most used dimensions: 4°20’ and 5°57’, with different topping colors and patterns for differentiation purposes.



Tecelagem / Embalagem






Tailored –
Tubo-Tec Nordeste offers the “Tailored Assistance” service, providing customers with informations that allows them to verify if they are really using the most efficient product for their needs.


Rua Prefeito Remo Rodrigues Chaves, S/N. Lote 05/06 - Centro - Pedras de Fogo - Paraíba - Brazil.
+ 55 (81) 3635-1029