Background – Tubo-Tec Nordeste is a company that emerges in the region between the states of Paraíba and Pernambuco, in the Brazilian northeast, as a result of a partnership between two paperboard package producing companies of the same group from São Paulo: Heda, which is the major Brazilian paper cone producer and Tubo-Tec, a high quality paper tube producer.

With a heritage of more than 30 years of expertise on paperboard package producing, Tubo-Tec Nordeste means a new frontier for the group’s ambitions to grow in one of the country’s most promising areas: The Northeast, where there was a lack of good suppliers for these products.

To establish a new quality level for paperboard products in the Brazilian northeastern area.

To be the biggest producer of this sector in the Northeast


  • Commercial Ethics
  • Human relations transparency
  • Quality on each individual’s work
  • Commitment with customers.


Rua Prefeito Remo Rodrigues Chaves, S/N. Lote 05/06 - Centro - Pedras de Fogo - Paraíba - Brazil.
+ 55 (81) 3635-1029